Pavilion Works

eBayThat's The eBay Way

Louis Bryant

We tackled 14 scripts and 21 sets, with 27 characters over the course of two days. Each with a unique creative weaving narratives of eBay buyers and sellers. Delivering a whopping 164 assets.

Behind the scenes, our art department worked hard creating the 21 sets. They created moveable walls for swift changeovers, they painted over walls that had already been shot to minimise on waste, and worked tirelessly to ensure each set was unique.

We needed a lighting set up that didn’t need to be entirely changed between sets. We created a set up that only needed to be tweaked between set ups, saving crucial time!

We simultaneously ran the stills shoot alongside video, taking over two studios at Alva West. When one scene was wrapped in video, it was wheeled through to stills.






Louis Bryant