Pavilion Works

HopeShort Film

Shaun James Grant

A couple on an ominous journey pull into a diner in the early hours of the morning.

HOPE is a drama short that centres around a couple on the road in the dead of night. It’s quiet. He’s asleep, she’s lost in thought. Where they’re heading and why is a mystery. They find themselves stopping at a stop at a remote late-night diner at the side of the road and what ensues is a series of events that slowly reveal the couples heartbreaking motivation.

HOPE is a short film written and directed by Shaun James Grant and Luke Shenton Sharp. Together with Pavilion Works Originals, Hope stands as a proof of concept that is being developed for a long-form TV series.


Shaun James Grant


Shaun James Grant & Luke Shenton-Sharp

Director of Photography

Patrick Golan


Morgan Faverty