Island Records | Sigrid - Sucker Punch


Island Records


To build out a series of assets to promote Sigrid’s debut album Sucker Punch.


Released in March 2019, Sigrid’s debut album Sucker Punch was released to critical acclaim, charting in the top five in the UK, Ireland and Scotland as well as the Norwegian album charts. On the run up to the release date, we worked with Island Records to create a whole range of assets that would build on Sigrid’s existing brand and personality, creating content that would be relatable to existing and new audiences.

We developed a retrospective creative based on the narrative of the singer’s journey so far. Aiming to maximise the number of assets we produced in a day, we set up multiple sets within the studio space, exploring set ups that recreated her album, intimate interviews and live performances.

In one day, we created:

  • Vertical Music Video for Spotify
  • Two-minute Twitter Q&A
  • Visual album sampler
  • Piano covers
  • 15 second track title announcers
  • 15 second album art recreation
  • Boomerang GIFs
  • Promotional giveaway clip
  • High def audio ads and liners
  • Swipe up Instagram story clips