Film production during COVID-19

With the scope of social distancing measures being extended through to the end of the year, we wanted to share our thoughts on how you can continue to make great content despite any restrictions.

How we can help
Pavilion Works was built on self-shooting filmmakers. With the release of the APA Covid-19 guidelines, during this time, we remain able to produce high-quality film with small crews.

We are set up for all forms of production within the existing constraints of this period — whether that’s a small studio shoot in the home of a well-equipped filmmaker, live-action shoots with skeleton crews or isolated editors ready to cut found footage and pre-existing content.

We strongly believe those who will come out of this situation thriving will be those tapping into these modes of production to generate new and innovative creative.

Get us in early
With the limitations in place it's now more important than ever to start conversations with us during the early stages of your creative. That way we can plan for the best approach and avoid any complications before the shoot has been signed off, as well as advise how to best use these limitations to your creative advantage.

Please get in touch if you have any questions: